Our Philosophy

Why Cashmere?

Cashmere, the most coveted yarn in the world.

Cashmere is synonymous with warmth and cozy comfort. The material's exceptional thermal properties make sweaters, cardigans and accessories made of cashmere the perfect companions for cold days. And when processed into a delicate summer yarn, cashmere is also incredibly comfortable in warmer months.

Cashmere product is so expensive because of exiguity of raw material, complicated processing course and hand work.

With its simple elegance, cashmere is ideally suited for creating stylish and comfortable fashion.

Cashmere like all the best things in life has an eternity quality.

Why Mongolia?

All cashmere we use is gathered from goats which have been herded in the traditional ways which have been used for hundreds of years. This unique lifestyle means that the goats live an almost wild existence and helps to preserve these fragile communities.

These most luxurious fibres in the world are collected in three base colors Brown, grey and white. The white hair is painstakingly removed by hand and used in our cashmere sweater.

The cashmere we use is carefully selected from Mongolia, more than 30 processes to take our cashmere pieces from raw fibers to finished product: from dying to teasing to carding to spinning, which allows us to provide the best durability and hand feel on any given product.

Why us - Carnival Alliance?

Behind every success story is a dream and an irrepressible passion.

Carnival Alliance has been making cashmere yarn and sweaters of the highest quality since 1993.

With over two decades worth of experience working with this luxury yarn, we understand every junction of making the ultimate sweater.

Product-wise, we design essential pieces with the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. Lifestyle-wise, we strive to create a content destination on intentional living and elegant simplicity across all categories.